Do you have questions about solar? You aren't alone.

Frequently asked questions about installing and using solar energy.

When it comes to solar energy, there are still a lot of questions in people’s minds and a lot of misinformation floating around. Adding a solar energy system to your home or business is a big decision and we want to help make sure you have all the information you need to feel good about your decision. These are some of the most common questions we’re asked.

Why solar?

We have an abundance of sunlight in Alberta. In fact, Alberta gets more sun than any other Canadian province, and twice as much as Germany which seems to be driving a significant portion of their electricity generation from solar. Why not take advantage of that and offset a portion of the energy you use with solar power.

Take your energy into your own hands. Make a conscious decision to generate clean energy instead of consuming coal-fired grid energy.

What are the steps in getting a Solar PV system installed?

The first step is to reach out to us by filling out our pre-assessment application. But generally, it goes something like this:

  1. Customer inquiry / application
  2. Information gathering and system suitability assessment
  3. Proposal submission and follow-up
  4. Site visit
  5. Contract creation and initial deposit
  6. Rebate applications, Permits applications
  7. Installation
  8. Inspection
  9. Final approvals and energizing of system
  10. System overview and customer walk-through

How does it work?

Solar PV panels are mounted to a sunny South or West facing roof and absorb energy from the sun. An inverter converts the direct current electricity from the panels into a usable form of electricity (alternating currents).

Power is transported through the building to anything that requires electricity. A performance monitoring system monitors the amount of electricity produced by the system.

Any electricity that is not used in the building is passed through the Calgary electricity grid and used to provide power to others in the community.

I live in a condo complex. Can I still put a Solar system on my roof?

Roofs are often considered to be 'Common Property' or 'Managed Property' in the condo complex. Any changes to this property generally have to abide by your condo by-laws. Be sure to consult with the company that is managing your condo complex and/or the board of directors of the condo complex for guidance before proceeding with a roof installation.

Compare Solar energy to Utility provided power

Utility electric rates include the cost of generating and distributing power as well as the cost to support infrastructure such as power lines. There is a mixture of fixed and variable costs among these charges. Solar helps you reduce all the variable costs on your bill. With solar, you can control your own power generation and know in advance how much you will be paying for power. Your solar rate is typically cheaper than the rate you would pay through the utility company. Why not take your electricity generation into your own hands?

How Solar affects your Power Bill

Pricing your Solar Power system

12 modules (3kW) will provide approximately 50% of your energy needs and cost around $12,000 (12 modules are a minimum installation size). 24 will provide up to 100% of power needs for a average family home, and cost about $20,000. Heavy users and large homes would benefit from installing 40 panels (10kW) which will run about $30,000.

Your cost to install solar may be reduced by rebates.

Check out what rebates are available.

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