Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program just announced increased incentive levels for all types of eligible participants. Incentives relate to those wishing to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Geoff Domenico, president of KCP Energy, explained, “The average solar system will now cost only $10,700. This will leave 17% of the previous purchase price in our customers’ pockets. That’s a great deal for Albertans across the board!”

Energy Efficiency Alberta explained in their recent announcement that the incentive can be combined with municipal offers toward solar PV incentives. Timelines for when this incentive runs until are, however, uncertain.

“Given this great news, we encourage energy consumers to take advantage of the incentives before funding priorities shift.” said Domenico.

“It’s definitely a time to celebrate! Having this number of solar support opportunities is unprecedented.”

Implications of climate change are becoming real as major shifts to local weather occurs. As such, experts are encouraging residents, businesses, governments and non-profit organizations to consider ways to create collective climate resilience.

“We applaud the powers that be for helping Albertans access progressive ways to generate energy,” said solar owner Jerry Auld. “As a result, more people now have support to independently generate their own energy.”

“Going solar has been a game changer for my family.”

How KCP Energy can help:

  • Accessing the incentive: KCP Energy takes on the paper work to apply for solar incentives so clients don’t miss out.
  • Financing: for those who’ve had solar on their minds but don’t have the full amount saved, KCP Energy has financing available for clients through ATB’s Solar Financing Program.
  • Information on how to break it down: get the scoop on how-to go solar and the benefits.

See Energy Efficiency Alberta’s full release here.