When the sun is up, your home is an energy producer.

Help create a better environment for all of our children by installing solar panels on your home.

While you may receive credits on your utility bill, it's not the reason most people install solar panels on their homes. Like you, the vast majority of people install solar panels to help reduce their reliance on utility-generated power, which is often created through the burning of fossil fuels.

Own a clean and reliable source of energy.

Solar thinkers are all about doing their part to help ensure clean air for their children and grand-children. They know that solar power provides a clean and reliable source of electricity that is non-polluting, quiet and best-of-all, renewable.

Thinking more about today, we install and service solar power systems for your home that reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your property value, require little maintenance, and have a typical lifespan of 25 or more years.

These grid-tied systems provide a fixed cost for electricity, protecting you from increasing (or fluctuating) utility prices today and into the future.


We help you take advantage of solar rebates and incentives.

No need to worry about all the red tape and permits. Our team helps you take advantage of current solar power incentives, such as those from Energy Efficiency Alberta. And, we will even complete the forms for you. This means that the solar panels you install today could immediately start saving you money, and provide free electricity for decades to come.

(KCP) provided a system that I feel has great value. They also took care to make sure the install was done well. – Doug Protz, Vice President Elk Run Homes, Canmore

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