See when your energy use is at its peak

Utility Power User

Like most of the hard working people in Southern Alberta, you get up early, take a hot shower, eat breakfast and start the dishwasher on the way out the door.

Keep that schedule, and the solar energy you generate may be lost.

Solar Power User

Imagine scheduling the dishwasher to run mid-day, starting the clothes washer later in the afternoon, and unplugging the power bar.

Do this and you could very well see a significant reduction in utility-supplied power consumption.

Solar Power Cloudy Day

Southern Alberta skies are known to produce fiery red sunsets. While we get an enormous amount of sunlight compared to many Canadian communities, clouds do form.

On these days, power generation from solar is reduced.

Solar with Battery

What happens to the energy you generate once the sun goes down?

In many cases, it's lost to the grid, at lower rates that you pay, unless you have a battery system installed of course.

Normal Energy Usage

Most homeowners use the bulk of their high-energy appliances in the early morning or after work when solar energy generation is at it’s lowest. Thus, they will be drawing energy from the grid rather than the solar system.

Energy Useage Shift

Smart solar owners are shifting the bulk of their high-energy appliance usage to mid-day (setting timers on dishwashers, laundry, etc.) This easy change means drawing the bulk of their energy from their own solar system.

Live Solar Now

Is your home and rooftop optimally positioned for solar panels? Apply for an initial review based on location and roofline.

Where will your power come from? Ultimately you decide.

Often times people choose to add solar to their homes and think that they’re done with utilities. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.


All solar systems are tied to the grid. When you have a solar system installed and the sun’s energy is strong, you’re drawing from your system.

When it’s not (like on cloudy days or at night) you’re drawing from the grid. But there are easy ways to make sure you’re taking full advantage of that giant ball of energy in the sky.

How you use solar really impacts your return on investment. Why you use solar provides a much deeper return.

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