When I started working in the solar energy industry in 2014, I slowly began to notice that solar was actually everywhere I went. And I am not just talking about the sun and its rays!

I saw little panels on traffic signs while driving, entire systems dotting the roof tops of community houses and even where I least expected it. On the hiking trails I frequent in the middle of nowhere, and quietly powering tourist information centres. Maybe I noticed it more often because I was looking for it or because this simple energy source was finally gaining some momentum!

I found it amazing that these inconspicuous magic panels could provide power in almost any situation or climate.

Fast forward to 2018 and although solar energy production continues to grow at a phenomenal rate in Canada, we are still many years behind our industrialized counterparts in maximizing our commercial and residential capacities.

Knowing this obviously raises a couple of questions for me:

  • How can I do more?
  • What can I do to help?

For me, what it means to “Live Solar Now” is to help home and business owners understand how solar works and show them that going solar cannot only benefit them financially, but impact their overall carbon footprint for future generations to come.

I often find there are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy floating around.

Ultimately my main goal is to help grow people’s awareness around the simplicity of integrating solar into their home or business. It’s just an added bonus that showing people how to harness that big ball of energy in the sky is one of my favourite things to do and that it gets me very excited to go to work each day!

~ Lee Sinal (KCP Energy’s Sales Manager)